Join Our Network!

As a community, how does working
with a referral network work?

Join Our Network!

As a community, how does working
with a referral network work?

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Case Study One: Sunrise Senior Living

Over the past five years, Silver Connections has had over 100 families that have chosen Sunrise as their assisted living option. The 100 families provided over 12 million dollars in additional revenue to Sunrise at a cost of about 500K. This is over a 2400% return on the marketing dollars invested.

On top of this; since Silver Connections only charges when a placement is made, no financial risk is made by the community in advance. This is a win-win for the community, the marketing team, and the professionals and families that are able to come to us and get support, direction, and counseling at no charge.

Case Study Two: Dorothy

One of our senior care consultants helped Dorothy and her family, who lived out of state, select one of our partners.

Dorothy was living in a community, but this community (also one of our partners) was unable to meet her needs and she was having frequent hospitalizations. The community wanted her to leave as her care needs were too much for them to manage.

We placed her in another community better suited for her, where she is thriving as it is a much better match. This one move has earned our partner over $324,000.00 in revenue at a cost of $2,225.00 which is over a 14,000% return on investment – without any prepayment of fees!

When we talk to families, we are listening to the needs they have and matching them to the communities that can meet their needs. This saves both the family and the sales and marketing team at your building hours of valuable time, investment, and energy.

We save everyone time and money. Just check our long list of testimonials; families really find this service helpful.

To be in our network your community must meet quality criteria, it has to be somewhere we would feel comfortable sending our own loved ones if they were a match. At present we have over 90% of the Assisted Living providers in our network.

We want every quality partner so we can guide our families to the best match for them. Call and ask us to see our partnership agreement! It is the first step in a wonderful partnership in helping families find the care they need.

Contact us if you would like to join our network of providers. All providers and communities must meet our quality standards.

Call us at (847) 303 9602 for more information.