Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Silver Connections do? Silver Connections provides free assistance in finding any type of senior housing, assisted living, memory or Alzheimer’s Care, home care or support services.  Our services are free to you, your family, and other professionals. We save you time by helping find the alternatives or community that best fits your  location requirements, budget, lifestyle and the care you need. When you call Silver Connections you will receive support throughout the whole process. We provide referrals for:  Community living (independent, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing), rehabilitation, respite stays, in home medical and non-medical care, Senior Move Managers, Realtors, elder law attorneys, financial planners, reverse mortgage specialists, and much more.

2. What do I do when my Mom refuses to move? You are not alone. Seniors do have a difficult time moving from their home to a senior community. The thought of moving is overwhelming for most of us and even more so to a senior. Families tend to wait too long to make a decision which can be detrimental to the senior. Isolation is one of the key declining factors in a senior’s health.

Take your Mom to some properties for a tour. Most communities will invite her to a luncheon or special event where she can interact with the residents. These are usually fun and your Mom or loved one can get an idea of what living in a community would be like. WE can help with this.

If she insists on staying in her home there are home care providers that can assist her. If she gets too frail it may be a better option to move her into a community where they can assist her with her daily living tasks and it may be less expensive as well. There are so many options and care choices that will help your Mom to remain independent longer. Keep your Mom involved throughout the process so she doesn’t feel like you’re pushing her into something she doesn’t want to do.

3.  I promised my Dad I’d never put him into a “home”. He’s afraid to leave his house. Now that he needs help how do I convince him that this is the best option? If he fears growing older and not being able to take care of himself then moving into a community is the ideal situation for him. He will be able to live freely, enjoy other seniors in the same setting and a safe environment, and have nutritious meals available to him.

4. I feel guilty about moving my Mom out of her home. How do I overcome this feeling of guilt? You are actively trying to help your Mom. Your Mom will be able to make new friends, she will be active and she’ll probably have more fun than she would have at her old house.

5. Will I lose my independence if I move out of my house and into a community?

No, you will not lose your independence or freedom. You will actually gain more freedom and a new lifestyle. You will be busy enjoying time with friends and family and you won’t be tied to a home that needs maintenance, daily upkeep,etc.

6. Should I have my parents move in with me?

Adult Children should enjoy their time with their parents and not reduce the relationship to full-time caregiver if at all possible. Sometimes taking care of parents can lead to feelings of anger, disappointment, and exhaustion. Caregivers tend to miss more work, have less free time, and have more episodes of depression. However, if this is something you want to do, give it a go. Just be prepared for health changes in your parents such as incontinence, mental status, and neediness. Consider your parents true wishes many other options may be right for them such as supportive living or a retirement community. Try to explore your options with a Senior Care Consultant. They can be a great sounding board and will have tons of insight and ideas.

7.  How are we going to pay for this?

Care can be expensive. Your Senior Care Consultant at Silver Connections is an expert on helping you find both personal and governmental financial resources that can help your elderly parent get the care they need. Of course, all of our services are free to you as we have a broad base of community support that funds our programs.

8.  Why doesn’t Silver Connections charge to help me?

Silver Connections services are free because we’re funded by senior communities and home care providers in our network.

Silver Connections was so helpful in finding the best situation for my mom. Thank goodness they were here when I really needed them